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Affordability & Comparative Advantages of My Shofer to Other Transportation Options:

A key facet of our mission is to deliver so much in the most affordable way. My Shofer Dot Com has been called a wild dream that has materialized. Others have called it a service fit for royalty, but without the exorbitant costs.

In the past, having a chauffeur was seen as a luxury reserved for the rich and/or famous.

But now, with the emergence of this company onto the San Francisco scene, people of different economic groups can enjoy what previously was an unimagined, unreachable luxury, usually accessible only to the elite. My Shofer makes it possible for a large economic spectrum to enjoy both private transportation — and fabulous perks, to boot!

For the typical user of My Shofer Dot Com, you can save money by only using us periodically, whenever a need arises. Or, you can take advantage of all we have to offer as an on-going, contractual service.

Our services are up to 5% cheaper than taxi rates or limo services, including those used for social events, visiting VIPs and corporations hosting visiting executives.

Regarding the food delivery component of our services, Waiters on Wheels might be considered a competitor. However, this service can be slow and is quite expensive. And, the company utilizes only a very limited number of restaurants.

In contrast, to satisfy our clients’ diverse tastes, My Shofer takes advantage of the entire, seemingly endless range of San Francisco eateries — from famous five-star restaurants to exotic ethnic fare to your favorite neighborhood pizzeria. Regardless of whether your passion is for Thai, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Filipino, Irish, Burmese, Vietnamese, Cambodian or Spanish cuisine, our drivers know exactly where to go to satisfy your taste buds — as well as the comparative prices.

Another key consideration is that private chauffeur services often raise their charges because of vehicle maintenance costs, insurance payments, and gas prices. In contrast, My Shofer includes all this in one fixed package rate, freeing you from the worries associated with these variables and spiraling costs.

If you have to rely on your own car whenever you come into the City (from other parts of the Bay Area) for a special night out, you’d be zapped by expensive garage costs. Or, alternatively, you’d be burdened by the ordeal of finding street parking, feeding meters, concerns about the safety of your car, and the irritation of parking tickets. When you use our services, all these concerns dissolve.

My Shofer is somewhat comparable to Valet services at upscale hotels and restaurants. But, unlike these services, with My Shofer there’s no wait for our drivers. You have the luxury of knowing we’re there waiting for you, after the theater or dinner party — and, no tipping is required.

Special Discount Options

As a service to our community, we plan to offer discounts to seniors on a fixed income — and, eventually pro bono services for the elderly and handicapped. We envision this as our way of giving back to a community we love, and those in need.

If you (whether a resident or a tourist) or your company become frequent customers, we will offer discounts (similar to airlines offering frequent flyer savings). Special coupon books for reduced rates — as a promotional strategy for those wanting to try out our services — are also options.

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