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Our Unique Vision


My Shofer Dot Com unfolded from a unique concept and vision: the desire to offer top quality transportation convenience, plus a host of special customized services, for residents of San Francisco, visitors to the City, and corporate/business clients. Customizing your transportation needs, through My Shofer Dot Com, means our drivers are like private chauffeurs... but so much more!

Our state-of-the-art services can best be described as having a chauffeur plus personal assistant and super concierge, all in one package. They can legitimately be called “super concierges” because what they do goes far beyond normal concierge services, even those provided at the city’s premier hotels. Our drivers/advisors don’t simply pass out brochures and offer general suggestions.At any time, day or night, our hand-picked drivers and fleet of cars are there for you — to satisfy a vast range of both practical needs and desires for relaxation/rejuvenation.

With efficiency and graciousness, we will take care of everything — from everyday transportation needs (e.g. picking up your groceries or taking your kids to and from school), to serving as your personal cultural consultant (e.g. advising you about the hottest entertainment choices on any given day) to providing all the logistical arrangements for a fabulous weekend getaway or even an extended holiday!

My Shofer Dot Com has all the resources and tenacity to turn your fantasy adventures into unforgettable experiences — in California and beyond.

The genesis of this licensed and bonded enterprise was a passion to take you where you need to go — both literally and figuratively. Taking you from Point A to Point B is just the tip of the iceberg.

No other transportation or chauffeur service in San Francisco is based on a vision of such scope, of almost endless possibilities. Providing diverse, customized and specialized services, on the part of our hand-picked drivers, is what sets us apart.

Our fleet of vehicles can be expanded to include any type of transportation you desire — whether it is a stretch limo, a trolley car, an SUV, or a party bus! We will deliver you in style, 24/7, with exceptional graciousness by our drivers. (My Shofer is meticulous about conducting background checks on all our drivers, to ensure they are 100% trustworthy)

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