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Satisfying Both Everyday Practical Needs and Fanciful, Even Extravagant Urges:

Our unique concept is to provide far more than simply wheels to and from designated points. In a heartbeat, with little or no waiting time, we can ensure you’ll arrive at a business meeting or doctor’s appointment on time, or find a 24-hour pharmacy so we can deliver a needed medication when your drugstore is closed.

But the other part of the equation is that we are also committed to fulfilling your desires for needed relaxation leading to true rejuvenation. This can mean luxurious and luscious pampering!

Our drivers will bring you cuisine from your favorite restaurant to your hotel room for a midnight dinner, arrange for a heavenly spa treatment after a long tiring plane flight, or deliver a sampling of fine wines and delicious hors d’oeuvres to your home for a special soiree.

Targeting clients in three categories — residents, corporate/business people, and tourists — our mission is to do whatever it takes to satisfy all your transportation needs, ranging from the most normal, everyday type to services — however extravagant — that are far beyond simply transportation.

If, for example, your long-deferred wish is to indulge in a twilight tour, by helicopter, of San Francisco, Big Sur, or Gold Country, our drivers will make it happen. They will take care of all the logistical arrangements and target the most cost effective, high quality company to accommodate your particular desires.

The sky’s the limit here, and in so many dimensions of our service!

Part of our cutting edge business concept is that all our drivers are kept up to date on the most exciting cultural and sports events of the City. After learning your particular tastes in entertainment and cultural events, they are fully equipped to offer the most focused tips on what to see and do.

In their role as facilitator, par excellence, they can guide you in taking the fullest advantage of San Francisco’s iconic role as an epicenter for world class culture — embracing the most dazzling musical, dance, and theatrical performances, beautiful museum exhibitions, film screenings, film festivals, and the many enticing outdoor arts and crafts festivals throughout the year.

All this can be a bewildering, dizzying range of choices. But our drivers, in their triple role as concierge and personal assistant, can astutely direct you to what suits your special tastes!

They utilize a range of resources to get the latest cultural information — including Zvents, a variety of websites, and cultural publications. They get daily “feeds” on the hottest attractions in the Bay Area, from sports to opera and classical music, from comedy clubs to chic dance clubs. They can even get you a prime seat in a restaurant, overlooking the bay, or an ideal seat at a theatrical performance.

Thus, My Shofer Dot Com is a compelling, truly irresistible one-stop service.

We are not simply innovative, but can legitimately be described as pioneering — in concept, vision, and materialization. Because no other company does what we do, we have a “first mover advantage”, making us a cutting edge leader in a brand new arena of transportation services.

We envision Shofer Dot Com as becoming a household name, a company whose time has come — one that can truly exceed your highest expectations!

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