TCP 35928

Prompt Messenger Service (even same day)

This is another dimension of our service that makes My Shofer a true standout, value-added unique operation. While many cities have bicycle messengers inside the city, no other company offers custom messenger services intra-cities. It’s a service that, potentially, could save you great sums of money.

For example, if you have important legal documents that have to be delivered by a certain date, or you would incur high charges or serious consequences if you miss the deadline, our operation will hand deliver them the very same day. We will do this even it means driving to Sacramento or Silicon Valley. Or, if you need a signature right away on a document for a Title company so you can finalize a real estate transaction, we can be the facilitator that drives to any city, thus preventing you from missing a great opportunity.

On a personal level, if you promised your granddaughter in Carmel a special birthday present, but totally forgot amidst the haze of your fast track life, we will drive from San Francisco to Carmel to deliver it — and will even pick up the gift for you!

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