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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a chauffeur or a limo company?

We are a transportation company. Our concept of transportation goes beyond being a chauffeur or a limo. We look at ourselves as your partner in all of your transportation needs.

Can I place an order and pay for the services online? Is it safe?

This is our goal! We strive to save the environment, and be as green as we can; therefore we encourage our customers to use our great and functional site to complete their transactions. You can prepay for all your services online. We are utilizing the latest technologies and PayPal as our Credit Card Processing module to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure.

What can you deliver?

We can either deliver or arrange a delivery of almost anything that is within the legal boundaries and our approximate vicinity. To give you some examples: We can deliver any food from a restaurant that has a takeout menu. We can deliver any good from any store in the city. We can purchase and deliver your groceries.  We can deliver your packages/mail within the Bay Area faster than any other service.

Do you have fixed price or hourly charge for the services?

We offer a variety of services on the different vehicles; therefore our price models differ from fixed price for a fixed service, to hourly rate depending on the service type. Please check our “Services” page for a list of services and “Reservation” page for pricing.

What is “Custom” service?

We have a list of standard services to give customers an idea of what we can do and what do we charge for it. However, for each of the standard service we offer a 100% customization of the service description to completely satisfy our customers. As a result, there is nothing that we cannot do when it comes to transportation!

What is “Drive My Car Home“ service?

This is a very unique service offering. We can drive you and your car home from any location in the city to any location in the Bay Area. This service is intended to reduce Drunk Driving and ensure that our clients can safely return home at anytime. This service also provides and insurance to our customers that their vehicle is safe and that they don’t have to drive anywhere in the morning to ensure that their car is not going to get towed or ticketed.

What is “Chauffeur for Your Kids” and why is it safe?

This service is inspired by our founder who, because of his busy schedule, was always looking for drivers to pick up his kids from school and drive them to other locations. And the only thing that he could find was either an expensive limo service with a minimum of 3 hours charge, or a college kids who are not insured, many times not responsible or reliable. My Shofer Dot Com offers convenience and safety in your child transportation to/from school, practices, or any other custom service that would fit your family needs and budget. We offer monthly services for working professionals as well as one time, On Demand service.

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