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Green Efforts

From its conception, My Shofer Dot Com has committed itself to the societal and environmental benefits of being a “green company”. We want to contribute to the global efforts to conserve energy, make strategic use of alternative energy sources and, in every way possible, protect the fragile ecosystems that surround us.

To these ends, our Founding Director, Sean Shakirov, envisioned his company as making strong conservation contributions by using our vehicles to transport people, for both practical everyday tasks/errands and for relaxation/entertainment.

By evolving into exclusive use of low energy consumption vehicles (hybrid, bio-diesel and electric cars), our fleet will diminish the need for people to use their gas-guzzling private vehicles. Comparable to the car-sharing concept used by suburban and city commuters, we can make a strong contribution in this arena.

This is part of how My Shofer is on the cutting edge: a company with a conscience.

By taking advantage of other energy saving strategies, we are enhancing our profile as a Green Company. Among these strategies are: